Can Chorus Labels act like Verse Numbers?

I dig the way verse numbers act, and often show a verse number on the first syllable of multiple verses. I would really like a Chorus Label to act the same way - to add something like “Ref” or “Refrain” or “Ch” or “Chorus” to Chorus lyrics.

I can assign lyrics as Chorus, but there seems to be no way to assign a label in the same way as we assign verse numbers. I can even check the “show verse number” box on a syllable of Chorus lyrcis, but nothing happens.

I can do this manually, but then I need to change position manually. If the label could just follow the positioning of the syllable like verse numbers do, I’d be a happy guy.

Is there any way to do this? I’m still on Dorico 4, so asking about that specifically. I’d also be interested to know if this is able to be done in v5 (not that I’d upgrade only for this, but I’m looking for an excuse! :slight_smile: )

I can’t think of a good way of doing this, Michael, aside from perhaps incorporating the label text into the lyric itself? You can create a non-breaking space in the lyric with Shift+Alt+Space so that you could have both the label text and the syllable in the same lyric item.