Can cubase 10.5 pro/artist work with audio for video?

Can cubase 10.5 pro or artist be used for
Audio post production?? I have I series of short film projects coming up

I’m new to using steinberg. Used PT and logic for years doing music and audio post for film/video

Recently got cubasis for my ipad and I like it a lot. Bought a steinberg UR 12 which came with cubase AI. Great for practicing

Looking to do the switch over to steinberg but on a limited budget (can’t afford nuendo yet)

Any help would be great

Hi and welcome,

It depends, how deep and pro do you want/need to go.And how fast do you have to be. You can do most of the stuff in Cubase. But some stuff take more time in Cubase, because you have to do them manually and it’s automated in Nuendo.

Thank you for the reply

In terms of manually vs automatically, would I be able to import an EDL list for dialogue and scratch audio tracks?


EDL list can import Nuendo only.

Yes, you can stretch audio in Cubase.