Can Cubase (11 LE for me) Do Dynamice gain & volume?

I’m working and Cubase 11 LE. I’m new to Cubase.
I’d like to know if let’s say a vocal track has certain gain and volume levels all the way through except for a spot where the singer sang too close to the mic and got a hot spot (too loud) recording on a track. Can I dynamically say for example, punch in and punch out lower gain and volume for that one spot so that matches the vocals volume or gain before and after that spot for mixdown?

The same thing for an instruments. I run into it all the time where I get a track that has one or two different levels within the track that is coming through fine and then either has a low or a high loudness or gain spot where you can’t hear it or it’s louder than the rest of that track.

I’d like to know if you can punch in and punch out a change in the gain for a certain part of any track basically for mixdown.

Also, the same with feedback. if there’s a spot with feedback can i isolate that part of the track and cut the top off the feedback graphically somehow. ideally, id like to select the peak, isolate and just erase it or tone it way down. .

thanks in advance. its 2 separate questions but both are related to levels editing and adjustments in production.



Range editing

and of course the editing of parts and events

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thanks much. i was able to import a wav file and successfully select and copy or move ranges of audo. i did not figure out how to EQ that range yet. ran out of time but i assume i can adjust frequency ranges and EQ cuts etc on a selection as well, i have a file with a feedback that is offensive and cannot re-record the song. i need to paste a previous chorus in which i can do, but i just want to play and see if i can :“see”: the feedback on the editing console.
anyway, back to this audio file, i exported the file and although my first attempts said i needed to set left and right range selectors, i had some funny issues as the left range selector was set to the end of the audio and the right range selector was on the left. i just dragged the right range selector (at the beginning of the song) to the end of the song and it worked but is not an elegant way to do that - on the export of this wav file, the file went from 50megs (import size) to 130 megs!
how can i reduce the file size if i want to export audio? save as different format? i didnt see that option. i cannot email a file that large and even with the best RAR compression setting it was still almost 60 megs.
thanks again