Can Cubase 11 projects be opened in Cubase 10?

Hi- Can Cubase 11 projects be opened in Cubase 10?

Working in 10 at two different locations, one with an older OS and would like to be able to take an 11 project and load in 10. Is possible?

Thanks in advance for your reply and any info!


But of course features exclusive to Cubase 11 will not be available in Cubase 10. But the Project file remembers them and retains their settings so they are maintained as you go back and forth.

Theoretically, but like why???

Just have both cubase versions on your computer?

It’s just a hunch, but I figure this has something to do with it…

Thanks for the replies.

The reason I was asking is that in one location the computer can handle the upgrade from 10 to 11 but the other one is too old to handle 11 so I just wanted to be sure the project could go back and forth between both locations until the older computer is upgraded.

If you still have the distribution for 10 you can also load it alongside 11 on the new computer.