Can cubase 11 show me the characteristics of a midi signal?

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I use cubase 11 with a mute keyboard and an alesis drumpad, when I use groove agent I have no problem with the drumpad but if I use a third party congas vst a strange thing happens to me so I ask for help, if I play it using the keyboard mute everything is ok but if I use the drumpad a choked note comes out, short and not acceptable.
Therefore the keyboard produces a midi signal that cubase can use with congas and instead the drumpad produces a midi signal that cubase does not like and does not reproduce correctly.
So I would like to know if there is the possibility of querying cubase about the signal to understand how to modify it to be acceptable to him
I hope I have explained thanks to all


You can easily delete short notes or notes with low velocity or doubled notes. You can investigate more in the Logical Editor.

Sounds like the pad is sending note off information or something else. The list editor should show you this or in key editor open the drop down bottom left and see if any of the controllers have a mark next to them to indicate there is info. You can either use logical edit or just filter in the editor and select them all and delete.

Check that the note numbers being sent from the keyboard and Alesis are also the same as the Alesis may be sending a different note number that plays a muted sound.

Thanks mkok, now I check in the key editor, even if eliminating the short notes is not my primary problem because I already knew how to do this but rather the multipad gives me only short notes and not all the notes I play but only some, maybe the stronger but it does not give me long notes at all, it is as if it were deaf, as if the multipad emitted a weak signal but if I use the groove agent the problem does not exist, even if in the key editor I see that the squares are very short.

What does the conga vst manual have to say? Could it be that the pad sends aftertouch that tries to control a conga’s palm mute (or something like that)?

Unfortunately even if its sounds are excellent the manual is almost non-existent, we are talking about D’pinga conga by pulpoaudio but I also have Aspire conga by gobbler that has the same problem, identical, it plays with keyboard but not with multipad.

You could insert a Midi monitor on the track. Play some hits on the midi keyboard. Play some hits on the pads. What’s the difference in data?


In fact it is precisely the comparison that I want to see to understand the problem, but I do not know how to make the midi monitor and I will look in the cubase manual for this

MIDI monitor is a midi insert. You go over to the inspector, at Midi inserts tab, and insert it there. Remember to press the rec enable icon too. Hopefully it will show what’s going on!

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This is a good free program for looking at all MIDI data on your system:

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