Can Cubase 6 import .flac ?


Because v5.5.3 cannot, so can Cubase 6 import .flac and if it cannot, why ?

Its good to be in 2011 and having such a “high end” software full of various whistles an bells etc

  1. No

  2. Because I don’t want to pay for Steinberg to work on implementing a feature that I can get for free in minutes, using the flac decoder and a batch script :wink:

Flac support would be great. Import, export and of course the useful function of compressed backups!

I’d find flac export more valuable than import – much shorter audio files (than wav) directly from Cubase. But, then, I’d probably want to play some of those files in Cubase, so I’d like import, too. But if it was one or the other, I’d prefer export.

For me also this is the way to go.

Just wanted to refresh this thread with another +1 for FLAC export support directly in Cubase. Yes we can get encoders for free but that is yet more time tying up the computer with conversions and deletions - unnecessarily…

Not a horrible idea by any means, but think about this…as you know, you can simply convert from flac to wav and go from there with no quality loss. If Cubase is busy decoding a flac file during playback, it’s using up valuable CPU resources that could be used for DSP instead, lower latency, etc.

Hard drive space is pretty cheap. It’s pretty easy to decode those flac files and use them as wav’s.

My 2 cents.

As for exporting, it’s as simple as having flac front end, and having “delete input files” checked, then drag n drop, click convert. You’re done. Seriously not much more time than it would take toggling back and forth between formats in the Cubase export dialog.

UPDATE: Cubase now has FLAC import - wonderful! Thanks Steiny!

FLAC Import,Export would be cool but not high on my priority list.

But I would never store my audio files in any form other than the native file format of my sequencer, whats the point? Disk space is cheap.