Can Cubase 7 open projects made in Cubase Pro 8.5?

Hey, the question is pretty much in the topic.
I want to try the trial version of Cubase Pro 8.5, but want to be sure that if I decide not to buy it in the end of the trial then my work won’t be lost and I could still open it in Cubase 7… Is it possible?

I am pretty sure it will but… wouldn’t you create a few quick test projects in the CB Pro 8.5 trial version then try opening them in your CB7? Then you would know for sure. :wink:

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It is even supported officially. See this table, please.

I saw the table but it doesn’t mention Cubase 8.5… I guess Cubase 8 also counts as 8.5?


Also, will updating all of the Cubase-included plugins in the Cubae 8.5 installation (Halion, Groove Agent, etc.) prevent them from working in Cubase 7 properly? or cause problems with older projects?..

You’ll have to run the Cubase 7 installer again after the Cubase Pro 8.5 is over. These new plugins require Cubase 8 or newer to work. You wont lose any data.

Note that if you upgrade Cubase Pro 8.5 before December you’ll get Cubase Pro 9 for free. That’s a $100 discount.

Thanks for the tip! just bought the upgrade (: No more worries about going back!

Do you have a link to that info on a Steinberg site?