Can Cubase 7 Work On Mac mini ?

Hey everyone

I’m at the stage now my 1st gen HP Laptop i7 @ 1.3gighz , RAM 4gig is cool for Cubase 7 only running Mascine , Massive Arturia Analog Factory VST, delay vst is just getting to the 1/2 way mark of CPU peaking even a bit more. When I want to Rewire to Reason 7 uuummm no chance CPU maxed out.

So i was thinking of Mac mini i7, does anyone use one with Cubase 7 and how does it perform? or am I better of to buy a Macbook Pro i7. The mac mini really small doesn’t take up space affordable to. I’ll increase the RAM to 16gigs and change the HDD to SSD.

This is my first time diving into the Mac world as I’ve been PC Windows for over 10 years even more. Is the hot rodded Mac mini or Mac Book Pro a move or is there a alternative PC (Laptop) with same or bit more power than current Mac’s without costing a arm and a leg?