Can Cubase 8 open Cubase SL 2.0 Files?

Hi Everyone,

First post! Cubase 8 will be my first Cubase since Cubase SL 2.0, I know, wtf! Well, I had been running XP for long enough and decided a very, very long overdue upgrade of my studio setup was required. So, I am due to place an order soon for a new PC and Cubase 8 to go along with it.

What I would like to know is, well, as the topic states. Will I be able to open my old SL 2.0 files in Cubase 8?

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Yes. However make sure that you archive your projects. I don’t know SL but this function should be in Media.

However, it might not be included with SL. In this case backup the project (File). This might be necessary if some of the files used in your project are not in your project folder. This should consolidate your project(s).

I am not at my computer at the moment but hopefully I have not got it too wrong.

Thanks for the reply Silhouette. All my projects are self-inclusive in their own folder (am quite anal that way!). I have a few projects on-going and I just worry that if I sell my old PC (which I need to do to finance my new one) I won’t be able to open SL 2.0 in C8, at which point it will be too late to go back!

The compatibility chart only seems to cover back to SL3…But i guess SL2 is the same file structure as SL3 so should be OK.

You could always render out stems of the projects in progress as a safety measure.

Thanks Grim. Would rather not use stems but better that than nothing. Only have a few tracks which ever got released so I will just render those for backup. Cheers

think you may find it will work ok…
if my memory serves me right the file extension is “arr.” if so then you may be lucky
but as grim said use the audio export and use export midifile for the rest

you will have a problem with plugims and vst i…
but that is no big deal
amaizing that you have been using that sl for so long … well done …
i have my cubase five dongle still along with other relics of yesteryear an old sound canvas thing the roland mt 120… oh god the sounds are awful but back then it was cool

Even more amazing that I managed to produce 3 tracks for commercial release on the ageing & creaking PC! 2Ghz and 3Gb RAM! Lots of render to audio, then make alterations, re-render to audio etc etc. Took a long, long time. Workflow is now going to be significantly quicker :smiley:

yeah …
nice one all the same
good luck fr the future

Thanks Tony. Appreciated.

As a side note to this thread…I have now bought 2nd hand Cubase 6 (previous user is deleting his registration and supplying dongle) so may have even better luck opening my SL 2.0 files :smiley: