Can Cubase AI 7 Ver7.0.80 works on El Capitan?

Having upgraded Yamaha USB Driver to V1.9.7, Can Cubase Ai 7 V7.0.80 works on El Capitan ?



It is not officialy supported, so it’s “on your own risk”. There is at keast one known issue: if you use an Audio Device with the Class Complient driver (i.e. without dedicated driver), you cannot use Sample Rate higher than 48kHz with this CC driver.

If you want to be on the safe side, upgrade to Cubase AI 8, please.

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Now, can you kindly guide me how to download Cubase Ai 8 ? I tried using my old download access code, it did not work. Can you provide me with an Download Access Code of Cubase AI8 ?
Tks a lot


1st of all, you have to own the license (AI 8). Then, you should be able to find the installer in you MySteinberg account, in the MySoftware > Download section.

Am I correct to say that , with my current MAC OS Yosemite and AI 7 /Moxf8 ,…
in order to upgrade my MAC OS to El Capitan, as the next step is :
1/ I have to purchase either a new Steinberg/Yamaha to obtain the Download access to AI 8 , or
2/ Purchase an Upgrade to Cubase Element 8.



If you want to use 100% compatible and supported software, then you are correct.

Cubase (AI) 7 was released more more then years ago, when Apple used Mac OS X 10.8. Steinberg cannot achieve 100% compatibility with all following OSs, when the OS changes.

Dear Martin,
Thanks for the clarification. Understood.
However, it would have saved some precious time, if you had made it clear from the beginning.

We are just simple users and don’t really browse products updates regularly, and to add on, Steinberg
don t make their Web info that “user friendly” . I believe many users and non users will concur to this.

Thank you again and have a great day.

So, after a few text and an email to Yamaha, Malaysia, I am happy Steinberg is now offering current Ai7 and lower
users to upgrade to Ai8 at a small fee before 31Mar2016.
here s the link,

Thank you to Yamaha/Steinberg as this gesture really instil confidence in your products and after sales service.