Can Cubase AI process video files

Can Cubase AI process video files properly ? I imported the video file into Cubase AI, everything is fine with the sound, but the video hangs. I use the system for windows. Thank you


As you can see in the Cubase editions comparison chart, Cubae AI can import and playback video, and Extract Audio from Video. It cannot exports video, and the Video Follows Edit Mode is missing.


My old computer’s motherboard died. I moved the old hard drive with Cubase AI on it to another computer. Unfortunately, the program is not working. What should be done to get the program working again?

Thank you



What exactly does this mean?

My expectation is, you cannot start it, because your Cubase is not activated on the new system. In this case, go through the Reactivation process.

I tried to reactivate the program, but it does not allow me to do this. I think, I need to delete the program and reinstall it again ?


Why not? What do you see on the screen? Do you get any message? Which steps you can do and which one you can’t? Why?

Usually, this doesn’t help in these cases.