Can Cubase be used interactively with video editing software?

I’m a filmmaker, and now I’m planning to purchase Cubase Pro for film audio mixing. Now, the problem I’m facing is “can Cubase be used interactively with video editing software”? The editing software I’m using is DaVinci Resolve, but I dislike the Fairlight within it.

At present, I’m using Cubase Ai for mixing, but I didn’t find any way to export the Cubase project to DaVinci Resolve. I know the Cubase Ai version loses a lot of advanced functions, so I just want to know if Cubase Pro has this feature? (Pro Tools and Nuendo is too expensive to purchase)


I’m afraid this is not possible to export the cut changes from the video editor and import it back to Cubase to make the changes automatically.

Here you can find the Nuendo/Cubase comparison chart.

You want Nuendo.
Works with EDLs, AAFs, imports markers exported from editing software, has 2 video tracks etc
It’s made for that.