Can Cubase be used with Yamaha MX61 and Steinberg UR242?

Hello people!
I have a Yamaha MX61 and the UR242 Audio Interface and using Cubase Pro 9.

I know that the Yamaha is an audio interface in itself. However in my studio setup, i have the UR242 to record audio and guitars whenever required. Is there a way Cubase can use the UR242 Audio Interface and at the same time allow me to record in MIDI via my Yamaha MX61?

I read that the Yamaha MX61 can be setup as an external instrument which i did but i am unable to hear anything back from the MX61.

Could you please help? I would gladly provide more information if required.


You will have to connect the L+R outputs from the MX61 to the UR242 line Inputs and select the UR242 driver in Cubase.
Then monitor the signal in Cubase. (create a stereo track, set IN/OUT’s and turn on monitoring)
The midi can still be over USB.

Thank you for the reply. I have already connected the MX to the UR242 using a single quarter inch cable into the Line In of the UR242 (used a mono connection instead of Stereo). With this Mono connection in place, i have also selected the UR242 driver in Cubase.

My requirement is to record the MIDI from the MX along with the vocals over my mic using the UR242 driver in Cubase. Is that possible?

I am able to switch my driver to MX and then record MIDI but to record vocals i need to switch it back to UR242 driver. I do not want to do this. Instead, i want to record MIDI in a MIDI Track in Cubase while i am recording the vocals using the UR242 driver. Even if i cant do it simultaneously, i want to record the Vocals first and then add a MIDI track and record the MIDI part from the MX without changing the driver in Cubase (UR242 needs to be constant). Is this possible?

Yes, the midi driver should be independent of the audio driver.
Unless the MX is somehow different than my Moxf, the midi port should be there no matter what asio driver is selected.
Create a midi track select yanaha mx as input, create as many audio tracks as needed and record away.

Thank you so much! i was able to get what i needed and am able to record both my MX and the vocals using the UR242 audio interface! :slight_smile:

Thank you again.