Can Cubase create a midi file from my audio?

If I record a track of guitar, can Cubase create a midi file that is fairly accurate? I have been exploring the vari-audio, Hitpoint, range etc. but am still unsure of the fact. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

It depends on the audio - if it can be done then with Vari-Audio - expülore it some more.

Only with monophonic audio as far as I know. It should be a function in Variaudio like Thinkingcap said.

Great. Thank you. I have some guitar riffs I would like to tab. My tab editor can take a midi file and tab it…or it is done by hand. LOL. Looking for a shortcut.

Thanks again.

You can try to define it using VariAudio and then Exporting the midi data

I’m not sure if it will do very well…but that’s how I’d try to do it


Or with VariAudio…