Can cubase determine Chords after you play them.

Can I mess around on my midi keyboard and play and record on an instrument Track …a few chords that I have no clue what they are and then go somewhere in Cubase and have cubase tell me what chords I played ? Like tell me … “you just played a C#8thFlat102” chord !

Don’t know what version you have and I don’t know if this is pro-only.

Select the keys of a chord in the midi editor and have as look at the “Chord Editing” section in the inspector.


Select the midi part, right click and select “Create Chord Symbols” to get a chord track.

Thank you guaca02 that was quick, painless and easy :slight_smile:

It worked - I have the latest Version of Cubase 10.5.20 Pro

also in the midi piano roll if you select it from your tool bar Cubase lists the chord names as you play them