Can Cubase do that?

Just a quick question because I am not in front of Cubase right now.

Is there a way to make midi recording in Cubase behave like Digital Performer or Logic?

I mean, when you record midi, to have events recorded ONLY when you actually play/record midi notes and NOT creating a big continuous midi event even if you are going to record midi 15 bars later. This would save so much time from cutting all the midi events afterwards. It is like a standard behaviour in Logic and DP but I am not sure if there is such an option in Cubase.



Maybe this is not possible after all?


That means maybe yes :laughing:

Sounds like you have cycle mode on when you record. Then cubase will always create an event that is the same length as the cycle region, including leading blank space. Turn off cycle and see if that helps any…

You can set your locators to the required length & use punch in & punch out on the transport panel.

Aloha B,
Just to chime in.
This prob is not happening here.

Some of the previous posts might contain your answer.

Sorry guys, maybe I was not clear enough on my first post.

I am not talking about a problem. So here is in detail what I want to do:

Imagine that you have to record 4 bars of midi. So let’s say you start your first bar with a chord and there is a big pause until bar four. In bar four you have to play the next chord.

If you do that in Cubase it will record a continuous midi event from bar 1 to bar 4. I don’t say this is a problem, this is the normal behaviour.
What I want it to do is to start recording midi on bar one, then when it detects that I don’t play anything for 2 bars to create another midi event in bar 4. So the two events are separated. I know this may sound confusing but this is the way Logic and DP works and it is very convenient. I will try and post a video so that you can see what I am talking about.

I think it is six of one and half-a-dozen of another. Cubase is assuming that if you record those MIDI events in one pass that you want them all in the same part. On the contrary, if it broke up the chords into separate MIDI parts then the user would have to glue them all together if he wanted to perform a move, resize, delete, etc. to the whole group. Personally, I think it makes more sense that if I record it in one pass, it is one solid part.
Just my opinion.

Hey jaslan,

I completely agree with you. As far as I am concerned, I like the way Cubase works better than DP. I was just wondering if there is an option to achieve this behaviour in Cubase as well. Because maybe most of the times you need the parts to be contained in one continuous part, but sometimes, especially when you do a lot of arranging it really helps to have the different sections into different parts so you can move them / copy/ paste them more easily without having to cut/resize in numerous points of the part.

I checked in Cubase preferences though and it does not seem to be possible.

I can see how your idea could be useful as an option.

I bet someone who knew how to use the logical editor could get it to identify any bar (or some other time interval) that didn’t have any midi notes … sort of an ‘if/ then’ operation … cut the file and delete the sections with no notes.

That someone isn’t me :laughing: !

Anyway, it sounds like an interesting feature in those other DAWs … but there must be some setting so it knows when to stop recording a section … you wouldn’t want it to create a new clip on each 32nd note!


I am not entirely sure, but I think that a while ago, I saw a video on youtube of a guy who was doing exactly that.

He would arm the instrument/midi track, press record, and Cubase would separate midi events whenever he was not playing. Maybe I am wrong though.

But if this is not currently possible, it would be a neat option to be implemented in an update. It shouldn’t be that hard to put it there anyway.

Out of interest, (in DP or Logic) how much silence (ie no MIDI activity) is needed to make one part be ended and another started? Are the “empty” pieces made up of one or more whole bars? Or is there a user setting to determine how much silence will be allowed in a part?

I played for a while with Digital Performer in another studio and I have to say this feature is really awesome. The events in the project window are never out of place and you can move then really easily, without getting them out of time due to snapping. I think that in DP, when the sequencer does not detect any notes played, it creates a new region(or event in Cubase language). Still, when you double click the event, it shows up in context with the previous and following events.

If you want to take a look this video is a good example: