Can Cubase do this and I'm missing it?

Hey folks,

I’ve been using Cubase 7 for a few months after using Logic for years and there’s a couple of things that I find myself wanting to do:

  1. Duplicate as alias part by default

I’d like to have the default behaviour for Duplicate be to create an Alias rather than a copy of a Part, since my tracks tend to consist of mostly Aliases. I can click-drag while holding down Alt-Shift of course, but I’m trying to minimize use of the trackpad as much as possible. Since some people don’t want this, a preference option would be idea.

  1. Create Part that snaps to Quantize value

This is one that I miss from Logic. When you create a Folder (aka a Part in Cubase) it automatically snaps to the bar. I think Cubase could do it one better by creating Parts that snap to the nearest Quantize value. In most cases that will be a bar but not always.

Am I right in thinking these are not features currently implemented and that I should make them official feature requests?

Thanks in advance everybody!

  1. Prefs-Edit-Audio, change the Processing Shared Clips.

  2. Change the Grid Type to Use Quantize in the Toolbar.

Thanks for the reply NWP, though you’ve missed my meaning.

  1. I’m not concerned with processing clips at all, I"m just talking about copy/pasting parts on the Project Window.

  2. I can confirm that doesn’t happen for me. If I have Use Quantize set to Bar, then create a Part, the Part is only the size of the audio in question. It doesn’t snap to the nearest bar. Big pain for making Parts of percussion samples, where nothing starts or finishes on the bar.

You mean an alias version of Ctrl-D? No, there isn’t. The best you can do is Ctrl-K where you can set up multiple copies, shared or not. It’s not as slick as what you’re looking for but better than nothing. I think it would be a good request, though. I’d vote for it.

You do mean Part, don’t you, and not Event? No, audio parts auto-size to the extent of the audio events they are created from. MIDI parts and audio events can be drawn to a snap value but I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about, is it?

And yes, make your case in the FR forum.

Hope that helps,

It does, thanks! And you’re right on both counts: Ctrl-K is Command-K on a Mac and it’s useful but, as you said, not a slick as what I’m looking for. And yes, I’m talking about making Parts of multiple Events.

I’ll put this up in Feature Requests.