Can Cubase do this? Linked to AVID / Pro Tools?

Is it possible to link (or even sync) a Cubase project to a forein system via the internet?

I work on various composing jobs (working in my home studio on Cubase 5 - hopefully soon upgrading to CB6), and the guy giving me these jobs works far away from me - and he is editing audio and video in Mac world. I am not sure what he is using, but I would guess AVID and or Pro Tools - or what ever one uses in the professional world of video editing in Mac country.

As of now he sends me a videofile, I import it into Cubase, I compose looking at videofile, make my arrangements and mixdown a wave or aiff file, and send it to him. He imports and we are all good. But there’s got to be a smoother way of doing this!

Is there anyway in Cubase that we can link and sync our projects to other systems (like AVID/Pro Tools) and do this via the internet?

Well, I have yet to actually try it, but i signed up and downloaded the VST plugin that is supposed to allow one to collaborate as if you were in the same studio.

Sounds cool, I’d test it with you too just to see how well it works.


Awesome, I do wonder what kind of collaboration it allows though. Like in google docs where multiple people work on the same project?
That wouldn’t work cross-DAW I think, the implementation of moving a fader in logic and having the same fader in cubase move seems a bit hard to me :confused: