Can Cubase EQs do this??

Hi there,

I often find it useful to have a high pass filter with an extreme q to remove unwanted low end from tracks in a surgical manner.

I have been using Waves REQ for this but would love it if the native Cubase EQs could do this as it would be a great improvement in my work flow.

I have attached a screenshot of the type of eq I am hoping to get out of cubase.

Is this possible?

The channel EQ has a high pass. If I recall it has a 24db slope. It works fine for the vast majority of content. It’s only people looking for insane slopes for specific situations that it may not suffice.

For really crazy filtering, I tend to use Rubberfilter, works really well as long as you are careful with the filter order selector, as it can produce massive self noise on higher orders.

Noooo I mean the ones built into the channel strips.

not the channel strip no


Yes the channel strip does. RTFM

have you got an image of it , i’ve tried and can’t get it to work ?


Open the Channel Settings window (e). :confused:

my apologies it can be done ,sorry for miss leading :blush: :blush:

The StudioEQ is, as far as I’ve been able to tell, is the channel strip EQ with the advantage that you can set it in the chain where you want. I’ve null tested identical settings successfully. So, if they are not the same EQ, the response curves are damn near identical.

And please don’t start one of those "the high pass on xxxx EQ has more air " or some BS like that. For basic H and L pass and even general shelving, the channel and studioEQ are as good as anything else.

Check the “Locut@120hz” preset … close enough?

Normally I’m against EQ presets since they make your ears lazy but for this kind of stuff it’s definitely a good thing!
It would be even better if the name of the last preset was shown on the bar above the EQ grid until you’ve made any changes. Nothing spectacular but kinda nice? :wink:

Ok I have been trying to get the channel eq to do a HPF like the one in Delicieuxz’s post but I can’t.

Are you saying this is possible with the Channel Strip EQ?
Which EQ type?

I can’t take a screen shot right now. But you can set 1 and 4 to H/L pass. Again, look at the freakin manual. It spells it out. It even has pictures.

EDIT: I wasn’t trying to be a jerk with the manual comment. But, once you found out the channel eq has a High Pass option, it would have taken all of two clicks to pop open the operations manual and search for High Pass or Channel EQ etc… You’ve started another thread that would be answered in about 2 seconds with a simple search in the operations manual? Is there a reason you don’t use it? Again, I’m not trying to be a jerk … you would get answers to simple things like these about 40 times faster.

Note that I’m using the Low Shelf III setting there.

I can get it even straighter if I use 3 eq points. I’ll get a picture.

Lol, this is ridiculously slanted. So yeah, I wouldn’t worry about not being able to get an extreme enough Q. Although, note that I got the slightest bit of a dip at 1.5k there.

yep i had to use 3 parts of the eq to achieve it as well couldn’t do it with 2 parts !

You realize you have that in shelf mode and not pass mode :open_mouth:

EDIT: sorry, I see you did know that :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference between shelf/pass is pretty small anymore, but I believe you will find the pass filters are more strict to the curve.

using 2 bands on very close frequency especially in this situation produces more unwanted artifacts, most people won’t notice it anyway. I use Waves REQ2 to cut steeply