Can Cubase export RAW audio files?

I’m talking about files without header information (sampling rate, bit depth, endian, or number of channels).

Yes it can. You just have to specify this before exporting. As far as i know this is only available in the Pro version.

Hi Nickeldome, thanks, but do you happen to know where this option can be found? I can’t seem to find it.

What’s a “raw” audio file? You could render to WAV or AIFF, and use an external utility to extract the binary to a seperate file, but it would not be an “audio” file, just a binary file; and no, Cubase exports to the common audio formats such as those mentioned, but not directly to binary files.

Hi MrSoundman,

This is the format I’m talking about:
Do you have any idea what kind of software could be used to extract the binary?


I’m going to assume you want to do this to obtain a sample that can be played by a microcontroller … you can do this with e.g. Audacity, but also with many of the open source libraries (if you’re a programmer).

That is indeed the case :smiley:

Thatˋs because it is not there.