Can Cubase highlight the selected track across the tracks row?

In the Project Zone when I select a track in the track list then that track is highlight – is it possible to configure so that the event display for that track all the way across its horizontal row can also become highlighted for the event display for that track looks highlighted so it stands out from the other tracks events? I have been looking for the configuration in the preferences and project settings but can’t find this. Thanks. Please see the attached image for what i am talking about.

I belive you can only set preference to do the opposite. Highlight track by selecting event.

But if you right click with mouse on the track (list), your second option is select all events. So that will do it for you.

I dont have this function added to my key commands, so i dont know if it is easy access through key commands or if PLE is needed to set it up.

You can also use zoom on the selected track (preference setting), if all you want is the track to stick out.
Selecting all events on the track, can open up a “can of worms” if your intent is not to edit all events in track under same executable command.