Can Cubase LE read Cubase 11 files? (Also a ZOOM R16 Question)

Hi, my friend and I both have ZOOM r16 interfaces. I’m trying to get him some tracks so that he can lay down some guitar on top. He’s not the best with technology, so initially I was trying to export the files from Cubase onto the ZOOM so that he could just plug into the ZOOM and record guitar. But every time I listen back to the files on the ZOOM, it’s just loud static noise, no audible tracks. Which is strange since the .wav files themselves sound fine. SO, then I thought, well I’ll just give him the Cubase files to open with his version of Cubase LE that came with the ZOOM, but I have Cubase 11. Will he be able to listen to the tracks properly and record guitar (once I set up his ZOOM for him as an interface, lol)? Thanks in advance for any advice whatsoever.


Cubase files are the same

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The interface is irrelevant, If it is set up properly, as @Kristijan said, the files created are the same format.

As far as opening *.cpr files, all the products in the Cubase/Nuendo line will open projects across the product line, and features that are not available in a lower version will simply be absent when opened in such.

I think, in some rare use-cases it can cause problems.

But if you’re sending a project file that only has Audio and no plugins there will be no problem.

I do this fairly often (collaborate with non-tech oriented people), and my solution is to send a complete mixdown to them, so all they hear is what I want them to hear, and I think this makes it harder for them to end up down a technical rabbit hole

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great advice. i think i’ll go the mixdown route instead of trying to send cpr files. thanks for your help again!

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