Can Cubase open MIDI System Exclusive Message .SYX files?

I would like to transmit some .SYX files from Cubase to a Roland D-50, but cannot get Cubase to import them. Any suggestions?


Make a part on a midi track
Open list editor
In the “insert event type” select SysEx
Insert a SysEx event
Every SysEx event has a comment field, open it. You might have to “pull the curtain” to makethe field visible.
Click the import button, Viola!

Good luck

Thank you, but I’m still a little confused on how to get the actual .SYX file itself into Cubase.

I ended up finding a SYSEX D-50 editor which works perfectly now. :smiley:

Yeah I use my self

That is what I’m using. I can’t believe it is free. EXCELLENT program!