Can Cubase Pro 10 read/edit Nuendo 4 project files?


I am considering to buy Cubase Pro.
I would like to know if I can open/edit my old Nuendo files (produced by using Nuendo 4) in Cubase 10 Pro.

Thanks in advance.


Regarding to this project compatibility chart, yes, you are able to open Nuendo projects in Cuabse Pro.

I will confirm that this does indeed work.
I have some old Nuendo 4 files that I am reworking in Cubase 10 PRO.

Thank you! I have purchased Cubase 10 Pro with crossgrade option!

Martin, do you know of a currently available compatibility chart? The link in your old post here is dead and I can’t find one…

That chart is here now: “
… but that direct link does not work (it redirects to the general Support page).
Try Converting Cubase VST songs (ALL/ARR) into CPR format and click the “project compatibility” link in second paragraph of that article.


@MrSoundman, your link leads to the home Support page.

@Graveley, I’m sorry, I’m no aware of updated chart.

… edited now with workaround, direct link to chart (PNG graphic).


It’s still the same (old) one. It’s until Cubase 8/Nuendo 7 only.