can cubase pro run from a usb stick?

My first post might be a silly question.

Can cubase run from a usb stick or external ssd etc?

I’d like to use cubase on my works machine during lunchtime etc… I’m not allowed to install private software, but could access app via external drive etc. I’d simply have to have my e-licenser available to confirm I own a license. Is this possible. if so it woul dbe better than taking two laptops with me.


Hi and welcome,

On Mac this is nit problem at all. On Windows, it’s not supported and recommended. Some users install Cubase to other then C drive, but sometimes, they have a difficulties with updates later on.

Wouldn’t be the whole bootable system on the external drive a solution (even more clear); I hope Windows can do this?

You would also have to install the eLicenser Control Center, which installs the eLicenser driver and license database. The eLicenser can’t work without those.

It doesn’t really matter if the Cubase exe and other associated files are located on an internal disk or an external removable drive. No matter where those files are located Cubase has to be installed on the computer in order to use it. If you are not permitted to install unauthorized software simply changing where you put the files for that software doesn’t get around the fact that you are installing it on the computer.

Remember Cubase isn’t just a set of files being executed. It also needs things like registry entries which are created during the installation.

Are you saying that on a Mac, you can run the program FROM the USB stick WITHOUT the need to copy them to the computer? Like an old fashioned, simple executable file?

Of course. You can copy *.app to any location and execute from it.

Thanks for everyone’s assistance with this, much appreciated.

And it doesn’t need to be installed? Just carry it around from Mac to Mac (with the license of course) and run it?

It depends, what you mean by “installed”. Some applications can be triggered from any location, because of the fact, you don’t install them at all, in fact. You just copy them (most often to the Applications folder, but it’s not a must). Some other applications need an access to other dedicated folders/files. But again, you don’t “install” them the same way, you do in Windows. No registry changes.

Myself, I have some Cubase versions in “Documents” folder, some on encrypted (TrueCript) virtual drives, some are triggered directly from the server (if I need some very old versions). Of course, I always need the license.

But in general, the application could be in any folder. Of course, I have to take care when update it.

Interesting, that’s very different from how Cubase works in Windows.

That’s different how the operating system works in general (nothing to do with Cubase). :wink: