Can Cubase read or convert a Pro Tools Session?

I am going to record vocals onto a project which the tracks were recorded at another studio. The engineer wants to send me a hard drive with the “stems” and a Pro Tools Session. Can Cubase read or convert a “Pro Tools Session”? I am running Cubase 6 on PC, is there a way to upload a Pro Tools Session into Cubase and have all the content fall into place? Many thanks for your input an knowledge.

Windows 7 Professional 64bit Desk Top PC, 3.5GH processor, 16GB RAM. Cubase 6, Wavelab 7, (1) Motu 2408mk3, (1) 2408mk1, (1) Motu MTPAV.

Ask the engineer to send you an .omf file of the stems. Pro Tools and Cubase can both import and export .omf files.

Thank you jtay, I sent a message and will see if the engineer can send a .omf file. Thanks so much for the suggestion.