Can cubase recive midi program message?

How to assign a midi program change message, to trigger a specific preset in a vst?(HSSe2, addictive keys, ect)


Yes, Cubase can receive Program Change message. If it doesn’t do it, double-check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter and disable Program Change filter here.

How to assign Program Change MIDI message to change the patch in the instrument depend on every single instrument. In HSSE you can enable GM mode. Then you can call the GM sounds by the Program Change message.

In GM mode, it chances a slot or the entire multi? How do I set it up?


In the HSSE > Options > Global, Change the Program Change from Off to GM Mode. Then you can change the Program Change at every single Channel. So if you need to change it in multiple slots, you have to change it on multiple channels.

Btw, once you change to GM Mode, it switches to the multi-timbral mode. So every single slot is operated at unique channel.