Can Cubase split a stereo signal??

I’m sure by routing there is a way to do this.

Someone Please Help!!!

I have a VST synthesizer set up sent to a midi channel to control it. (One audio and one midi channel in the mixer)

I want to split the stereo audio channel for it into two stereo channels (I imagine with some type of bus routing) so that I can apply a LP filter and effects on one of the st. channels and a HP filter and effects on the other st. channel, then route them to a group channel to easily control volume. I want to do this to be able to control the sound of the synth with only one instance of the synth, thereby allowing me to morph the sound more effectively.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  1. Create a total of 3 stereo Group channels.
  2. Set the main output of the Instrument’s audio channel to “No Bus” (or route it to some other output that will not be heard)
  3. On that audio channel, use 2 Sends, routed, respectively, to Group #1 and Group #2… send level on each @ 0db
  4. Insert the desired FX plugins on those Groups, and route those two Groups to Group #3.

Explained perfectly.

Thank you.

If you are finished recording that track, you could also export the stereo track back to CB in the split track mode. That way you have your 2 separate L/R audio tracks and can send them to just one group channel. Seems like less work and less tracks.

Re-read the question :stuck_out_tongue:

Ur right. Woke up cross eyed today.