Can Cubase switch from 64 to 32 bit on it's own?

This is a strange one, was plodding away on some ideas when Cubase (6.5) suddenly froze. After a brief spell, a pop up box stating that there were compatabilty issues with Cubase 6.exe and it was going to restart and run in “compatatility mode” and would do so from then on.

Since then, it’s been horrible, every time an edit is made or project saved, it freezes there quite a long wait (about 10 secs at least) before it jumps back into life and works fine again - until the next edit or save is made.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

This is on Cubase 6.5 running 64 bit in Win 7 SP 1, on a quad core with 8gig RAM btw

All the plugins and VSTi are 64 bit and all components are latest releases. Can’t pin it down to a plugin, session was just a few NI Kontakt, East West Play and Ohmboyz delay. (This is first crash since clean re-install btw a few weeks ago btw)

In the real world of 32 bit (before ugrading) it was easy to find the crash logs, now in 64 bit, I can only seem to find a crashdump file that I can’topen to see what happening ( crashlogs were txt files and could be viewed easily but the crashdump .dmp files are just screens of what seems hieroliphics which mean nothing, I’m not a egyptian hireoglyphics reader so I can’t read them at all.

Any ideas any one?


You can install the 32 bit version concurrently with the 64 bit version.

As for the “compatability mode” error… :confused:

Have you manually disabled compatibility mode for Cubase 6.exe?

It could be that the first was a fluke (alignment of the planets, etc) and that comparability mode is now causing your griefs.

Thanks, I haven’t got a 32 bit version installed, but i’ll have a look at the .exe to check what it’s set at.