can Cubase works in rewire?

can Cubase works in rewire mode? What do you suggest to feed cubase’s sound output into another DAW like DP?

Cubase’s Rewire capabilities are explained in this section of the manual:

As far as I know, CuBase can be a rewire “Master”, but not a ReWire “Slave”.
Also, as far as I know, Digital Performer can also be a ReWire “Master”, but not a “Slave”.

If the software you wish to use can be a ReWire ‘slave’ then you’re good to go. Launch CuBase first and activate ReWire for the app(s) you wish to slave up with CuBase, then launch the ReWire slave application.

Examples of ReWire Slaves I have used with CuBase (from version 7 to current 9.5).

Bidule - Up to 96 audio channels from Bidule into CuBase. Up to 8 bi-directional MIDI ports (128 channels) between Bidule and CuBase. Bidule can also be a ReWire Master (but not with CuBase).

Sibelius - Two channels of audio (The master mix) from Sibelius into CuBase.

Finale - Two channels of audio (The master mix) from Finale into CuBase.

If you have an app that you would like to sync up with CuBase that can host VST plugins, but can’t be a ReWire slave, then you can usually make it happen with virtual MIDI port (loopMIDI for PC, Core Audio for Mac) drivers and instances of ReaStream (latency in ReaStream may vary depending on how many channels you’re trying to push, and your system resources).

Sometimes you might have a DAW that can host a VST plugin, but can’t be a ReWire slave or master natively. In these cases you might have luck with a plugin called VST ReWire. While it says it is specifically for energyXT, I have had luck using it in other DAW systems. For instance, I have used it to slave an instance of Bidule, Finale, or Sibelius with Dorico (Dorico does not yet have native ReWire support…this plugin works in Dorico…though I still must rely on virtual MIDI ports if I want Dorico to control something hosted in Bidule via MIDI).

I just want to make the outputs of Cubase goes into DP and rec into DP.

I don’t think you can do that with ReWire in this case. Neither DP nor CuBase can be a ReWire ‘slave’.

If you are on a Mac, it may well be possible to patch things through the Apple OSes core audio system so that you get audio and MIDI streams between the two apps. I don’t know much about Macs though, so someone else will have to help you there.

If you are on Windows, your options are:

  1. Run the two DAWs on independent sound interfaces (best on two different computers, but possible on the same as long as each DAW has his own dedicated sound interface). Sync them with real or virtual MIDI cables, or over the lan via rtpMIDI. Connect the two interfaces’ in the configuration you like using real audio patch cables. Depending on your system it ‘might’ suffice to use the built in audio on your motherboard for the slave DAW and something nicer and true ASIO attached to USB/Firewire/PCI/e, etc. for the Master DAW.

  2. You might have luck with ReaStream and a virtual MIDI port. For me this works fine between two DAWs running on my very old and modest PC pushing 2 to 4 channels at 44.1k or 48k over ReaStream, but my system can’t push more than 4 without considerable latency on the ReaStream feeds. I have not tried it with a sample rate above 48k.

  3. You might have luck with Jack Audio, and asio4all (various combinations and orders for different needs and audio interfaces). Jack2 does work for me, but it’s not the easiest thing to set up and configure. To sync the two DAWs you could try to setup the MIDI patcher in Jack2 (difficult on my system because jackd doesn’t give me meaningful port names), but I personally find it easier to use Jack2 for just the audio, and set up a sync port over loopMIDI.