Can Custom Playback Techniques be made available to a New Project

I have a project with a lot of Custom Playback Techniques–those that appear in Write mode in the right panel–and I would like to use these in a new project. The only way I’ve found to do this is to create a template from the original project (and deleting all the Players) and then use that template to create a new project. In another post from a few years back something was mentioned about a “star” to make these globally available to new projects but don’t know how to do that.

When you open the dialog to select and edit your custom ones, click the little star underneath the list. This means Save as default and should make the technique available in future projects.

This seems to do it! I suffer from some confusion on the two screens, the outer one named “Edit Playing Techniques” and wich has the Edit button which invokes the “Edit Playback Techniques” so I named the Technique the same in both screens. And am VERY happy to report that clicking on the Star button on the “Edit Playback Techniques” does indeed make that technique available to new projects. So problem solved, Thanks Daniel!