Can Dorico 4 read Dorico 5 files?

I have the situation that I work on 2 computers, and store the .dorico files on a server. One of the computers is a Mac Mini which cannot be updated, so Dorico 5 cannot be run on it.
Is there (hopefully) a way to save files made in 5 in a format that 4 can read?

Hi Geoffry! Dorico 4 reads D5 projects with no problems. Obviously specific D5 functions will be discarded.


Why not making a simple test?

Probably for you it’s better maintaining a D4 version for the projects that must be shared.

Thanks for the quick answer. I wanted to try it out myself but there is no trial version yet, and I was nervous to buy the new version and then find it was not backwards compatible (I work on projects with both machines simulataneously). I would not miss the extra features because I am composing for players and the playback functions are not essential.
Maybe in the long run Dorico will be blended into Cubase and we will have the best of both worlds! (After all, Notator became Logic…)

You can have dorico installed on up to three computers, so I’m very confused why this is even an issue.

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There is no issue Geoffry! You can go on very easily!
I maintain even D2 or D3.5 versions!

the number of computers is not the problem, I just wanted to know if Dorico 5 files were in a different format and not readable in D4… my specific problem is that on one of the computers I use I cannot run D5 because I have an older version of MacOS (and I cannot update it for various reasons)
But fortunately Alberto confirmed that it is possible to read D5 files with D4, so I think I will upgrade.

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In that case, yes, it’s true. That said, be mindful that if you use version 5-specific features, they are stripped from the file after opening in V4 and saving.

@geoffry_wharton cant use D5 specific features if he wants a project working “as is” in D4. For this reason I suggest D4 versions to be archived for projects that must be shared. This is the reason I have some projects archived as D3 or even previous versions.

But a real plus of Dorico (and in some aspects of Cubase as well) is that I haven’t still found a D5 project that cannot be opened in D3.5 or previous versions. Certainly it may be incomplete but normally works well! I think this depends on a very good design of project data.

Alberto, I realize that I cannot use specific features, but from what I can see in the release notes, just about the only thing that might affect me at the moment is using another font, and I think I might be able to install some of the new fonts to use in D4.But I will experiment with this.

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Absolutely Geoffry! Moreover you’ll be up-to-date and experiment all the new features that can become useful for sure. By the way, as far as I experimented, all the new D5 features that simplify input or playback don’t produce a project that D4 can find in error.

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It’s also worth noting that if you have D4 on your computer, it uses the newer licensing system, and that means you get 3 installs of that too, and D4 will still open just fine with your D5 license, so really, you can just keep both D4 and D5 on your computer, and then simply use D4 on the newer computer whenever you know you’re going to need to migrate to the older machine later.

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