Can Dorico 4 Sync to my DAW?

Is it possible for Dorico 4 to sync to a DAW so that I could record audio in the DAW that would be synchronized?

Alternatively, I suppose I could make a click track in Dorico and import that into the DAW and then play against that. However, preferably, I could get them to sync.


I have had pretty good luck using a third party plugin called TXL Timecode Plug-in.

Here’s a thread that discusses how I prepared a project in Dorico 3.5 and synced it to Cubase 11.

It should be about the same with Dorico 4, though I’ve not yet done it.

Thanks Brian! I’ve have a look.
It sounds like it might be a good solution.

Just tried it in Dorico 4. Seems to be working fine for me with Cubase 11.