Can Dorico 5.1 be slaved to the MTC output of a Tascam DP-02

Hi Forum folks,
I have been comparing current Notation software, looking to replace the (ancient) program I’ve been using. It’s down to Finale or Dorico. Today (I thought) I decided on Dorico, but I’m still using a Digital Portastudio for recording vocal & guitar parts. I have read in this forum that Dorico has to be the master for MTC when syncing to a DAW (by using the TXL VST plugin and a virtual MIDI port). I imagine this means that Dorico can’t slave to the MTC from my Portastudio. Please tell me I’m mistaken!

Hi all, I posted this same question in another thread and got an answer… so (in the words of Gilda Radner’s Emily Litella) “Nevermind!” :slight_smile: