Can Dorico be run under Windows 8.1?

Topic, which dates from October 2016, discusses whether Dorico would run under versions of Windows earlier than 10, which is announced as one of the system requirements at Several comments suggest that it would. What is the current situation?

(1) Does Dorico run fine under Windows 8.1?
(2) If so, is it likely to do so in the coming years?
(3) Are there current Windows 8 users who are running Dorico smoothly?

Finally, would it not be appropriate to add some words to the page listing system requirements (cited above) to answer the question, which may be in many users’ minds?

Thanks in advance.

I ran Dorico on a Win8.1 Surface without problems during the last year. I have switched to a Win10 workstation since, so I can’t say whether this still applies to newer builds, but my guess is that nothing has changed to the extent that this should be different now.

My computer has Win 8.1 and every version has run quite well for me (minus a few hiccups very early on, but those are gone now).

I’ve run it on both W7 and W8.1 since day one without problems… (maybe even with less problems than those running W10…?) What the future will hold nobody knows…