Can Dorico do Cagean Time Bracket Notation?

Hi All Newbie Here

Can Dorico do something like this example of Cagean time bracket notation? (See attachment.)

I did this in 2004 in Sibelius 6.2 for my composition “Invisible Chopin”. As I recall it was not too difficult, but I did have to fool the program into spacing things equally across the staff by using simple meters and having barlines that were invisible. Or something like that.

Thanks for the insights…

Haven’t tried to reproduce your example, but that looks like a breeze with the Note Spacing tool, where you have visual aids to help you align. I don’t know what the other parts are, but perhaps you can achieve proportional spacing with an adequate note spacing rule as well.

This thread might be helpful- Number Pieces - #8 by dspreadbury - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Stephen, that thread is very helpful.

I assume that the closing barline in the included example can be made to go away? Time bracket notation has no barlines.

I just opened the example again from the thread above, and it has no barlines anywhere - but I can’t figure out how Anthony at Steinberg got rid of them! I tried making a new file, but it comes with barlines. Changing the barline color in Engrave mode didn’t work.Then I tried adding a new flow to Anthony’s file, and creating a new frame for the flow in Engrave mode - but it comes with a barline. So now I’m curious!

Notations options | Barlines | No barline option for automatic barline at the end of flow.
This should help !

Merçi Marc!


It’s been over two years since I asked about Cagean Time Bracket Notation, and Dorico has introduced many new features. However, I have not been more than a very casual user in that time. So I wanted to bounce this question so the experts can let us all know if things have gotten any better.

(See the screenshot in the original post.)

Thanks all.

Hi Andrew,

there hasn’t been too many changes relevant to this – which is to say it should in general be as simple as it was two years ago. The one thing that I can think of, however, that might be an advantage for Time Brackets is the addition of Flow Headings, which, depending on the details of the material, might be employed to get a lot of the layout work done semi-automatically in a way that was not possible before.

Are there some specific problems that you are struggling with? I ask because I would assume that with the example Project referred to above you should be well set up to get a general workflow going. So I wonder if maybe there is some issue that is holding you back that might be cleared up easily.