Can Dorico do it?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if it was possible with Dorico to achieve something like this (these are Aebersold patterns).

I would like to graphically create something like this, making the notes go up and down exactly as if they were on the staff, without the staff, showing the degree of scale relative to the chord, this to make my students think about what they are playing and transpose it in all the keys.

Thanks for your help!

It depends on what exactly you want to do. Dorico can’t easily do graph paper, but there are several ways to notate patterns. I often just use lyrics. Here’s an example for a high school kid I just did a couple of days ago.

I tend to write it in one random key and then they are expected to learn it through the keys. You certainly can remove the noteheads and just use numbers too if you want:

Or remove the staff entirely:

I guess it just depends on exactly what you want.

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Thank you!!!

example number 3 is exactly what I would like to achieve…

Would you be so kind as to indicate step by step how you got it?

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The 0-line staff is a bit of a hack. Here’s a link to a post that contains the instructions and the file you’ll need to do it:

I just used Shift-X text for the numbers in that quick example and then in Engrave used Properties / Hide Notehead. There might be a better way with playing techniques or a bunch of different Notehead Sets. Anyway, text works at least.

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Thank you very much!!!
I will read carefully and try as soon as possible. Thanks so much, you’ve been a great help!!!

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