Can Dorico do this? 2 note chord - different note values

See attached “Handel accompaniment” - beat 2, bass clef

In this 2 note chord, can Dorico have a dotted quarter note and a quarter note attached as in this choral edition of a piece from Handel? Is this even proper notation?


As a pianist I’m use to seeing the first example you showed. I’ve seen it in lots of piano music. I believe with forced duration and flipping stems you can replicate the original example.

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It is possible (though I think it is not good practice). Create the top and bottom notes in separate voices, flip the top note to stem down, then in Engrave, set the lower voice voice index property to 0.

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Professional organist here.

Both versions are perfectly fine (I prefer the latter, but I’m also used to reading four lines of counterpoint at a time; then again, I’d keep separate stems for both voices throughout the measure). The first example is straightforward: enter the chords and then just tie the tenor voice. The second example just requires two voices, one upstem and one downstem. Easy. Remove rests to get rid of the extra stuff you don’t need.

You can tie notes together that are in different voices. Select them both using Ctrl-click. This is pretty much my life, since hymnals do this sort of thing all the time.