can Dorico export Video with audio from Dorico added?

I was presuming since Dorico now has video functionality that this would be possible (as it is in programs like Logic) - namely, the ability to export BACK to the video previously imported whatever music was added to it in Dorico, with the option of either including or excluding the original source audio attached to the movie when it was first imported. If this is not presumably possible, are there (I’m hoping) plans to add this functionality in the future? Thanks as always -

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It is not possible, and we have no immediate plans to add it, though we would not rule it out completely for the future.

I do hope you’ll indeed consider it - to me it seems like an obvious feature now that you have the ability to attach a video. When doing this in Logic I’m constantly re-exporting the video with whatever music I’ve added to it in Logic for approval by clients, etc. and I’d imagine wanting to do the same thing in Dorico (once your MIDI functionality is even more powerful and I’m doing mock-ups directly in Dorico). You’d also typically have a toggle so you could specify whether or not to include the audio that was originally embedded in the video file or whether to mute it and only include the material from the Dorico session (all just my two cents of course).

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IIRC You can mute the original audio from the video in the Mixer already.

I would suggest using terminal commands for this purpose:

get rid of original audio in video:

ffmpeg  -i FILE -c copy -an

add audio to video from external file:

ffmpeg -i FILEONE -i  FILETWO -c:v copy -c:a copy -map 0:v:0 -map 1:a:0

this approach requires installing ffmpeg somewhere in your search path, for example in /usr/local/bin/

I would agree with Nikola’s recommendation to use ffmpeg – it’s an amazing Swiss army knife for video and audio. On Mac probably the easiest way to install it is first to install Homebrew, then simply type:

brew install ffmpeg

at the Terminal.

On Windows, there’s something similar to Homebrew called Chocolatey, but beware that unlike Homebrew it’s not completely free for all kinds of users.

Not something everyone who wants to combine their Dorico audio with their session’s attached video on export will be comfortable doing but I’ll certainly try it (with fingers crossed that you might someday also have a simpler approach built directly into Dorico down the line)…

Best and thanks as always -