Can Dorico Humanize Playback Tempi by Creating Delays to Measures?

I was listening to Garrick Ohlsson’s performance of the Larghetto from Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor, Op. 4 while following along in a score. In the recording, in almost every other measure, Ohlsson created a slight delay before playing the next measure. Nowhere in the score is it written for the performer to play ritardando, so I suppose that’s just Ohlsson’s interpretation which, of course, meant a total disregard of metronome rigidity, IOW, how a human - and not a robot - would play.

Is this humanize effect possible in Dorico without me creating ritardandos in a midi score? If not, can I create a ritardandos anyway but not have rit. symbols in the score? Thanks.

Yes. The tempo editor is quite easy to use.

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Tried it out. Works flawlessly, like the one in Cubase. Thanks.
(Yeah, if I wasn’t so lazy and spent a little time with the manual, I would’ve found out. Silly me).

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