can Dorico play back chords I've converted to "rhythm slashes with stems" in a guitar part?

I’ve entered a rhythmical figure in a guitar part like so:
Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 4.53.39 PM.png
When I subsequently select one of the notes, right-click and choose “Voices-Rhythmic Slashes - Slashes with Stems”, it helpfully converts the above to this:
Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 4.54.06 PM.png
However, the underlying chords I entered no longer play back. Is there any way to enable playback of the underlying chord I converted this from (similar to how the material hidden “underneath” actual slashes is automatically played back?)

Related to this: I’m surprised that I don’t see a way to have a portion of that same guitar part be notated using rhythm slashes, while being able to also have other parts notated using regular notation - it appears all or nothing. Is this really the case?

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  • D.D.

For playback of slash voices, there’s a global option under Playback options > Repeats.

Make sure to use one of the options under Voices > Change voice when converting notes to a slash voice (you can also use Paste Special > Paste into voice). The command you’re currently using under Voices > Rhythmic Slashes converts the whole voice.

Excellent - I’ll check this out.

  • D.D.

Similar problem. I have a short section of written-out chords. I want to convert these chords to rhythmic notation. I don’t want to “create a NEW voice”. I just want the normal notation of this voice to be converted to rhythmic notation. But this won’t happen. Please see before/after pics.

Moreover, it didn’t do what I requested anyway, which was create new DOWN stem voice.
If this is really the only way (to create a completely new voice), then how do I hide the rests in the secondary voice?

In theory it really should be as simple as choosing Edit > Voices > Rhythmic Slashes > Slashes with Stems. But that will change the whole voice to use slashes. You may instead prefer Edit > Voices > Change Voice > New Slashed Down-Stem Voice, which will do it for just the selection. If you’re still having problems, please attach the project here so we can take a look.

I did this: " Edit > Voices > Change Voice > New Slashed Down-Stem Voice"
And got this:

Firstly, the new voice isn’t ALL down-stem.
Secondly, I don’t want the whole-bar rest visible (which is why I would prefer to just convert the normal notation to rhythmic slashed in the same voice–BUT ONLY FOR SELECTED SECTION).

This just saved the day for me. :wink:
Respectful remark: Why is this filed under “Repeats” in the Playback options?

Cheers, Benji

Dorico can’t house slashes voices, with hidden pitches, in the same voice as regular notes. They’re two different things. Use Edit > Remove Rests with the whole rests selected.

Okay. Thanks.

Also. I can’t get Dorico to stick to down-stem slashes…

NM. It works correctly after I’ve removed ALL extraneous rests.

If they’re the only voice present then they’ll follow the usual stem directions (up for pitches below the middle staff line, down for pitches above the middle staff line). You can select the notes and type F to flip them if need be.