Can Dorico skip the playback of the 1st ending after a D.S. as in the attached chart?

(just a quick jazz standard I’ve notated). I’ve inserted the appropriate repeat jumps. The “D.S. (2nd ending) al CODA” was originally just a standard “D.S. al CODA”, the text for which I subsequently selected and choose in the Properties window (below) “Custom Text” to change. I was presuming that because right below this property change “replay repeats” wasn’t selected that it wouldn’t replay the 1rst ending after the D.S. jump but I’m guessing this is incorrect? If not, is there any way to get the chart to play back as desired: 1st ending, 2nd ending, then the D.S. at the end of page 2, but (on the D.S.) skipping the 1st ending version and instead going right to the 2nd ending and then taking the CODA sign (since this is a common “jazz move”?)
It’s Alright With Me_DORICO_8_3_19 (496 KB)
Thanks for any help!

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In Playback Options you have the following set:

The fact that the switch you mentioned isn’t flicked indicates that you’ve opted NOT to override the global option (above).

Either change it locally by flicking the switch on and ensuring the box is unticked, or change it globally within Playback Options.

Amazing - thanks! (knew it was somewhere).

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