Can Dorico somehow remember which sections were open ir closed?

In a piano score string articulations are usually not needed. But when reopening the file, Dorico closes all sections, but shows those string articulation section again, even though it was closed, when saving the file in the previous session.
Is there a way to tell Dorico to remember the currently opened sections, maybe save them along with the file?


No, at the moment, this isn’t something that Dorico can remember for you.

Being a web developer I am thinking of “localstorage” and “indexedDB” along with techniques of PWAs. Important for Cookie settings and things like that. So the idea of “saving state” is very common. Any plans to incorporate something like that in the future? Maybe even only as a specific settings page?

Dorico does save quite a bit of state already, of course. But we have no current plans to save this specific aspect of the state, no. This may change in the future.

One state I’d love to see remembered if right panel items get some sort of memory, is the Slash/Bar Repeat/Numbered Bars section.

Each dropdown only contains one item, which seems sort of pointless anyway unless future additions are planned, and the state isn’t remembered, so every session the user has to open them back up again to show the sole entries.


Hmmm… somehow Dorico already knows that it should open e.g. “Common” and “Strings” when the users clicks on the performance menu item.
Well, in any case: I would like to make sure that, if there was an upvote system, I would upvote on this feature. :slight_smile: