Can EQ in channel strip be set as the first fx in the signal flow ?

I love to use the eq built in the channel strip. But it seems to be a part of the channel strip fx.

Is there any way to set the eq as the first fx in the single flow.

I mean: Input -> EQ -> Inserts -> rest channel strip fx

PS: sorry for my english

You can set the EQ in first position of the strip, and you can set the strip before the prefade-inserts, but you can not set the inserts between strip EQ and the rest of the Strip processors.

Thank you for your replay. I know what you means. But I want to make the insert before channel strip, and eq before the inserts. Is there a way ?

Which is (as I see it) what I said: the inserts between EQ and rest of the strip processors - and no this is not possible.
The Strip is one complete block, and the inserts are one complete block.

Keep in mind high cut and low cut is before everything regardless even though it appears visually to be part of the EQ.