Can Existing tracks be put into an as yet uncreated Track Version?

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I will be starting to use track versions for

I would like to group different tracks into one, and have each of the tracks assigned as a different track version in that one track., kind of what @raino kindly wrote about here (if I understood correctly): My stereo out is clipping even though all channels playing at -10dbfs! - #58 by raino

For example, I have one vocal track called “raw”, then a new track that is called “vocal comped”, another called “vocal comped and tuned”, and another called “vocal comped and tuned and timed” .

Is there a way to have all these appear in only one track, and each of them assigned a different track version? I’m thinking this would clean up the appearance of my project window very nicely.

I looked at the manual, and I think it may have to do with assigning different track version IDs to each of the existing tracks? I was confused by reading all that, so before I got lost down (another :slight_smile: ) rabbit hole I thought I’d check in for any suggestions if possible first.

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Simple workflow:

Create track for your versions, named eg., VocalVersions
For each track you want to include

  • Select all on track
  • copy
  • Paste at Origin on track VocalVersions
  • create new version on track VocalVersions

You might have to tweak the steps, but this is the general idea.

Hi @steve !

Thanks for that tip … I can’t wait to try it!!

Most of the time you can ignore the Version ID numbers. In general when you create a new Track Version it is assigned a unique ID number - starting at 1 and using the next unassigned integer (i.e. 2, 3, 4…) for each subsequent Track Version. They can be scattered across different Tracks because they get numbered in the order they were created.

However there are situations where you want multiple Track Versions to have the same ID number because you can set it so all the Tracks which have the same ID will change altogether in tandem. This isn’t generally useful when using Track Versions for comping vocals. But it can be pretty useful if you are using Versions to try out different arrangement ideas. It lets you for example change the bass, piano & synth all at once from a Major Key version (ID3 on all Tracks) to a Minor Key version (on ID4).

If you create multiple Track Versions at the same time they will all have the same ID number. Numbers can also be set the same via editing.

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@raino - thank you again, Professor! Info I will keep bookmarked for when I will need it in the future, for sure :slight_smile:

@steve - It worked perfectly, thank you!

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To build on what @steve suggested :

For simply duplicating, there’s even a “Duplicate Version” button available in the Track Version area of the Inspector.

Or even faster - use a Key Command - it may already exist as a default - otherwise it’s easy to make one:

Awesome, @Nico5 , thanks!

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