Can Expression Maps be triggered with continuous controller?

I have Cubase 9, and I see that the only remote options are Keyswitch and Program Change. I’m trying to create some parity with my other DAWS (Logic and PT) where I use cc’s to remote switch my articulations. This is especially important in Pro Tools as there isn’t an articulation feature and switching with cc enables the switch to chase no matter where you playback from on the timeline. It seems like omitting cc as a remote option in Cubase is a pretty big oversight. I hope in newer updates this has been added? Thank you for any info.

I created a workaround by using plogue bidule as MIDI input and remapping my cc32 messages to Program Change (btw I tried doing this using the input transform in Cubase, and even though it successfully transformed the events, it did not hit the expression maps transformed). Oddly I also learned that the program change values in the expression map editor are offset by 1. ie 1 = 2 and 2 = 3 and so on. So I had to transpose the PC event by -1 in bidule to map correctly (Cubase doesn’t recognize 0 evidently). After playing with this system a bit it seems the expression map system could use a bit of attention by steinberg. It could be more streamlined and versatile for sure.