Can external MIDI patch info be saved in a PRESET?

Hi All,

Can one store the MIDI/Sysex info for a patch as a preset? In other words, when you load in a preset, will it send the midi/sysex data to an external synth, thereby loading the patch into the synth?

The problem I have is that I have a Yamaha AN1x with only 128 locations for patches, but I have hundreds of patches which I currently load with an old program that runs on WinXP. Although you can add an AN1x as a standard external instrument in Cubase, this does not actually load the patches, but rather just sends program change messages for patches already on the synth.

What I would like is for Cubase to act as a sort of pseudo-librarian for all my AN1x patches, where I could dump the midi to cubase for that patch, save it as a named preset, and then load that patch (or any other) at a later time.

I am not sure if that’s how it works in Cubase Pro. Right now, I am using Cubase Elements and wondering if upgrading will give me this ability.

Thank You!