Can external moderators ban members?

If so, the forum would be a farce

I for one would not temp them.

Hi curteye, if it is the case that they can then i believe it should follow that there be more than (1) because as anyone who has been banned would know it is normally a round-table decision and any change to this policy should be canvassed as appropriate for the benefit of forum members.

Can moderate banners externalize members?

Or is prudent coverage/non-exposure non-negotioable, as well as simply civilized and polite?

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Expunging of non-specific or more generalized topic discussion deemed inappropriate for forum discourse, can be moved to a sand-box or otherwise locking mechanism applied.

In addition, removal of such materials precipitant to conflate may be altered by an external party bestowed with the privilege of enhanced interrogation.


Ditto… Me thinks something is brewing in the belly of the beast! And, I would expect no less! :laughing:

I hope so.

Me thinks ‘he’ should go take good dump… :wink: .

Murphys’ Law

Can external moderators ban members?

Why the question? Did someone get banned? :astonished:

Exactimundo Profundis! :sunglasses:

Looks like a gravity-feed colonic irrigation apparatus. Water-boarding for ass-holes! :wink:

Why? The SB forums have been using external moderators with seemingly full enforcement permissions for years.

However, they have always tended to be people who seemed to be much more tolerant of fools than I would be!

SB would not be handing over such responsibilities to people who were too rash in their treatment of posters.

Certainly, none of them has been as gruff and insulting as Matthias Carstens (mc), the founder of RME, can be on the RME forums.

To be honest, his moderation of the forum he apparently owns was the first thing turned me off from a purchase of a UCX interface. Surprised his business people haven’t been able to convince him to stay off his own site with something like, “Look, SIR, we project an increase of 4% of annual sales, IF YOU WILL STAY OFF YOUR OWN FORUM.”.

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Carstens was good to me when I asked if he could create a USB interface based on the MIDI sync standard developed by Terratec or develop a new interface since 1394 was dead/dying.