Can EZ Drummer 2 control Transport?

As the topic says, I’m wondering if there’s a way for EZ Drummer 2 to control the Transport in Cubase so there is 2 way communication like Reason? Rewire, Midi Timecode etc.

Thanks in advance for any info

It looks like it can’t do that, but ezdrummer 2 does a great job following cubase, so why not do it that way?

Thanks for your reply-

It appears as this is the only option for the time being, but when editing parts in EZ, I find it a bit annoying to keep going to Cubase to rewind the song- it would be convenient to be able to scroll back and forth in EZ as well as Cubase depending on what you’re working in. I don’t know if Reason still does this, but it used to via Rewire and it was a great way to work. Anyway, thanks again