Can faders be changed to "pick-up" or latch mode with HUI?

I’ve switched to using HUI mode with by Novation Impulse. Okay… it works. Problem is that the faders “jump” when I touch them. This is unusable and destructive. For other remote devices I can change the flag indicating it should be in “pick-up” mode to prevent this.

Can an HUI controller be setup to work in “pick-up” mode?


  • Sean

Im afraid Hui mode needs motorized faders by design. So its not going to work.

The only solution would be creating a generic remote file with 8 faders and some buttons, but you would have to create a way to switch banks of eight. In the name box on the right you can create multiple named remote patches (layers) for the same controllers, like channel 1-8, channel 9-16 and so on. You can use midi and keycommands to show-hide the remote as a small window in cubase (devices>generic remote nr…) so then you would have a visual indication which layer you are in, and you can use midicommands from the same “midi in” to switch pages (command>remote> bank increment/bank decrement). Be aware you will have to assign these commands in every remote layer!

That’s a bummer, but based on everything I’ve read, it makes sense. Novation should have probably mentioned that in their revised manual… or even in the Cubase documentation. Knowing that motorized faders are expected with the HUI protocol would have saved me time chasing this wild goose.

I’ll play around a bit with the layer switching approach you mention. I had originally mapped the transport to use CC rather than MMC, and had custom fader mappings. It was working fine, but another member convinced me I should be using HUI (citing page 31 of the manual for the Impulse). So far the only benefit I’ve found to going this route is that the transport controls aren’t being recorded with the track (since HUI isn’t sending CC commands).

Probably going to ditch the HUI thing and go back to trying to filter out or tinker with putting the transport commands I assign on another channel to prevent them from being recorded.

And oh… the lack of relative encoder support pains me. (I had an email exchange with Novation about that - and they were basically like “sorry… doesn’t work”, even in HUI mode) The frustrating thing is that in “Ableton” mode, the relative encoders work just fine. Rascals. :slight_smile: